Discover El Garañon in Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria has a great diversity of tourist typologies: from sun and beach tourism to rural tourism, sports tourism or gastronomic tourism. Despite the fact that the island is especially characterised by its strong sun and beach tourism, it also has places and infrastructures where rural tourism can be carried out. One of these places, the camp of El Garañon

In Hosticasa we recommend your visit to the campsite of El Garañon, as it is a great alternative to the traditional sun and beach tourism. The camp is located in the Llanos de la Pez, in the municipality of Tejeda, at an altitude of 1690 metres. It belongs to the Instituto Insular de Deportes del Cabildo de Gran Canaria. It is an ideal place for the practice of sports that require that they be carried out in natural environments, besides being located in a natural environment of great beauty and unique due to its integration.

The camp has 23 cabins with bunk beds and three rooms for group leaders, with a capacity of 150 people.


The company in charge of managing the camp in El Garañon is VIVAC AVENTURA. This company was founded in 1997 with the aim of satisfying the needs of the nature activities sector. It has a large collection of resources, both human and material, as well as proven experience in this type of activity.

VIVAC AVENTURA company staff.


There is a wide range of activities that can be carried out at El Garañon camp (the company usually organises activity programmes in calendars). Below is a list of all the activities that can be done:

  • Hiking: unavoidable due to the location of the camp.
  • Mountain Bike: one of the most demanded, always offering security.
  • Rappel: activity where you control your own body to reach inaccessible places. 
  • Climbing: here you learn to climb vertically, always offering maximum safety.
  • Orienteering: one of the most fascinating activities with total contact with nature.
  • Workshops: a great variety of workshops where your imagination will be used using various materials
  • Astronomy Workshops: this consists of two parts: one theoretical and one practical.
  • Night Excursion: where we will be introduced to an ideal night-time environment thanks to the location of the camp.
  • Traditional games: original games from the Canary Islands such as Billiards, Salto Del Pastor and Bola Canaria.
  • Alternative sports: games of skill, balance, coordination and reflexes.


The camp has its own dining room, where the different meals of a day will be given. The menus are varied and extensive, from Canarian food to vegetarian menus, always taking into account the special needs of the clients, such as allergies and gluten-free menus.

Insert image of the dining room


The prices are divided into three categories: for individuals, for groups and for the educational community. These can be consulted on the company’s website, but below is a screenshot where they appear:


Here are some thoughts from the TripAdvisor platform, about their experience at El Garañon camp.

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From Hosticasa, we recommend without a doubt to those tourists who decide to visit Gran Canaria, who are tired of the classic sun and beach tourism, and are looking for an alternative, to visit El Garañon campsite, as it will provide them with a unique and different experience from what they are used to find in the Canary Islands and on the island of Gran Canaria.

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