List of tapas bars in Gran Canaria

List of tapas bars in Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria, being one of the capital islands, has a wide gastronomic offer where you can find everything, thanks to its incomparable tapas bars, among others.

As is tradition throughout the Iberian peninsula and in the Balearic islands, tapas are part of Spanish society and culture, that is why tapas have also been imported into the Canary Islands, being able to enjoy not only an exclusive climate and landscapes  but also an attractive, modern and exquisite gastronomy.

Where to go tapas in Gran Canaria?

The places to go are not few, that is why we have created a list with a selection of the best so you can choose the one that best suits you or the situation.

  • Tasca Galileo

This is one of the best places to taste some tasty tapas on the palms of Gran Canaria and have a good wine in the capital of the island of Gran Canaria, near the farray square.

Being small, it is a place you should arrive early or book a table, as it fills up right away. Its decoration encourages the desire to enter the place and ask you something, with its high tables and wooden stools that we all imagine when we think of a tasca.

Here you will enjoy a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere while trying the exquisite bites such as fried cheese with melon sauce or its cheese croquettes that they prepare with great affection.

  • De Cuchara Restaurant

Also located in the same area, is this restaurant that you should not stop going to, since it offers you a unique experience to taste the moment with taste and where you can chat in a relaxed way and feel at home. Hams, cheeses and preserves of the highest quality  and a rich cuisine.

  • Tasca El Canalla de Vegueta

Located in the historic center, it is an ideal tasca to enjoy the tapas atmosphere that surrounds you creating a feeling of well-being, without a doubt, its location makes it one of the best tapas bars in Gran Canaria, ideal to enjoy as a couple, with family or friends.

In addition, if you are a lover of good pecking, this site will allow you to tackle all kinds of world cuisines thanks to its wide variety of Lebanese, Asian, Spanish, Canarian food, etc.

You can also taste delicacies such as ostrich egg, oca or one meter sausages, among other delicacies. In addition, you can taste a beer of  the place called «Frescadel Canalla».

  • Qué leche

Also located in the area of the historic center of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this restaurant is one of the best options to choose from to go tapas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria within our selection.

The restaurant is among the recommendations of the Michelin guide thanks to the quality of some of its dishes such as: Foie with banana  and millo ice cream, sea bass in salsa verde, fennel and sea lettuce or the chocolate-filled biscuit with black sesame ice cream and natural strawberries.

Visiting this restaurant is an explosion of flavors  for your palate, a unique experience in tapas bars in Gran Canaria that will leave a mark on your  memory.

Remember that if you are planning to visit the city for a gastronomic route through its historic center, we recommend that you stay at this accommodation to make your experience unbeatable.

  • La Jamonería de la Quinta

Located in the commercial area of Mesa y López is this ideal place to savor the moment with taste and where you can chat in a relaxed way and feel at home.

Hams, cheeses and preserves of the highest quality  and a rich cuisine make this place the perfect place to spend a pleasant time with family and friends while enjoying a dinner that will leave your mark on your palate.

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