Discover the banana route in Tenerife

Discover the banana route in Tenerife

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the Canary Islands are: the beaches, the good weather almost all year round, and of course its gastronomy.

It is precisely in its gastronomy that this article is focused, in which we will talk about nothing more and nothing less than… Banana, an indispensable and symbolic food for all canaries.

We all identify this fruit with the Canary Islands, of that is no doubt, but although it is surprising to you, not all canaries or residents in the Islands know much about its production, so this excursion is really interesting  and entertaining.

What is the banana route in Tenerife?

The banana route is a journey in which you will know all the details about the planting, cultivation and secrets of bananas in Tenerife. Undoubtedly it is a different tourism, it is a cultural route that is also related to nature and that it will not be wrong for all the canaries to know about it.

Start of the route

Accompanied by the guide of “Abeque Turismo Active”,we will visit one of the oldest farms in Tenerife, located in a privileged area, in the municipality of Los Silos,belonging to what we call the BajaIsland, near the area of  Teno. And there we began our tour, together with the responsible, Ginés de Haro, who explained us and showed how banana cultivation is carried out.

On this banana route you will be able to know closely how banana cultivation is carried out, understand all the difficulties involved, witness the passion  and care that farmers put, and especially admire how the sector has fought and struggles to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

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Isn’t banana trees a tree?

The first thing they teach us is that banana trees are not a tree, it is a herb,and that to give its tasty fruits you have to expect nothing more and nothing less than a year from its plantation. It’s a pretty complex artisanal process.

In our time in the greenhouses, they will also offer us information on the subject of pests, they also explained that depending on the time of year when the fruit is born, the size and quality of the banana varies.

How gratifying to be able to have all that new information about a product that is irretrievably part of the Canarian culture and its identity. All canaries should do such activities and, of course, offer them to those who visit the islands so that they know our fields, taste our products and feel some sensitivity to our way of life.

Visit to the packer factory

In the last part of our route, they will offer us to pay a visit to the packer with a small tour in which they will explain the tasks to be done when preparing the bananas for transport.

The main building of the farm houses inside all the machinery necessary to distribute the bananas in their boxes, pack them and label them. The ship inside is not very large, although two huge machines hoard virtually all the space. They passed the bananas to be checked and reach their final destination.

Box towers, banana mountains and a rich smell around is what you’ll find in this final part of the visit. The manager of the banana farm, Ginés de Haro, told me in detail how this whole part of the packaging is done and then the shipments of the product.

Most of the bananas in front of me would end up in kitchens and tables all over Spain, although some would also stay for the Islands. After our extensive tour of the banana world, you will have the opportunity to taste their delicious bananas and even take some home.

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