The finger of God in Gran Canaria Right or Myth?

The finger of God in Gran Canaria Right or Myth?

In the next article we will tell you a little more about the Finger of God, digging into its history, formation and curiosities that further increase the legend of this famous rock on the island.

What is the Finger of God?

The finger of Dios Agaete Gran Canaria is a rock of basaltic land that rises above the oldest area of Gran Canaria. This area began its formation about 14 million years ago, but it was not until 300,000 years ago that the rock began to become isolated from the cliff due to the erosion of the entire coastal strip because of the sea.

The finger of God in Gran Canaria arises thanks to the erosion that has been occurring gradually, shaping the physiognomy of the rock until in 2005 because of the Storm Delta disappears.

Where is the finger of God?

The finger of Dios is located in the northern municipality of Agaete, about 30 kilometers from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and 2 hours by ferry from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, highlighting as one of the main ports in terms of interinsular passenger transit.

Agaete is a municipality that has always been based on fishing activity and agriculture, adding in recent times tourism, for its wide gastronomic offer, the charms of the town and for being a starting point for ferries to Tenerife.

Of all the villages that make up the island of Gran Canaria, Agaete is without a doubt one of the most famous and picturesque. Its best-known popular festival is the branch, which houses large numbers of visitors from all over the island, the Port of Las Nieves is also a great attraction. But the main attraction of the town is the Finger of God in Gran Canaria.

Physically, the Finger of God is located in front of the pier of Agaete, guarded by the cliff of Faneque, a few meters from the famous beach of Guayedra.

There are many people who know the finger of God Gran Canaria, where it is located and what it means for all Agaete. But surely they do not know some peculiarities and curiosity that revolve around the most famous natural monument in all of Gran Canaria.

Next, we will show you some curiosities of the Finger of God that are important to know more in depth what is and what the Finger of God means for the people of Agaete and for the region of the north of Gran Canaria.

Things to know about the finger of God in Gran Canaria

  • God’s Finger Cultural Complex

The cultural complex Of The Do of God is a space for the culture and recreation of 3,600 m2 located between the urban area of Agaete and Puerto de Las Nieves, next to the GC-2 highway and in the vicinity of the set of buildings known as Casa Fuerte, declared Good of Cultural Interest and in which it is believed to have been the first settlement of the Castilian conquerors in the Villa de Agaete.

  • Events on site

In 1976, German climbers attempted to climb the Finger of God. Quickly, the fishermen of the area try not to happen, it is necessary to ensure that it is not advisable to sail and even try to make land in the natural monolith due to the numerous landslides that are in the area.

However, despite the directions, they ignored and undertook the adventure. On the way to the Finger of God they suffer a terrible mishap. The ferocity of the sea seized them, dragging them out to sea without control.

One of them died due to setbacks. The other companion was able to barely reach the cliff and take refuge on an adjoining beach. He could not be rescued until the next day due to the strong swell. But thanks to the expertise and bravery of a local fisherman, the climber saved his life.

  • His real original name

This famous rock has always been called The Finger of God. Domingo Doreste “Fray de Lesco” in the late nineteenth century, early twentieth century, is the first to use the name “Finger of God” to refer to the one known as Roque Partido.

From that moment, it was renamed The Finger of God, becoming a symbol of Gran Canaria and one of its greatest tourist attractions.

It should be noted that, on the maps, the official name of the rock is that of God’s Finger and not by its original name.

  • Natural Disasters and the Finger of God

A turning point for this natural monument is November 28, 2005. That afternoon, Tropical Storm Delta made an appearance, blowing throughout the afternoon a strong wind that ended up causing much of the finger to collapse.

Since then it was called the “God’s Stump”. Within the humorous jargon of the grancanaria and grancanarias.

The most characteristic part of the rock disappears quickly leaving a huge void throughout the village. Since then, locals and gran canarians have joined in favor of rebuilding and rehabilitating the Finger of God.

However, voices also emerged in favor of leaving as the rock was and not acting, thus favoring the course of nature.

Visit Agaete and enjoy its fishing environment

To be sightseeing in Gran Canaria and not visit Agaete is to stop seeing how wonderful this northern town is. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to know this emblematic place, we recommend this accommodation located in the same village, where you can experience and feel the magic of the place and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

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